Direct to the consumer
Direct to the workplace

Workplace Digital Programs
  • Programmatic and direct placements across a suite of products and deliveries 

  • Reach target audience on their devices at work and at home

Workplace Certificate Program
  • Target Employers surrounding Trade Locations

  • 100% permission-based distribution 

  • “Brand Ambassador” at each company distributes offer to employees

  • Delivers direct response campaign to the workplace

  • At a fraction of the cost of solo mail

Immunization Program
  • Set up vaccination clinics or distribute vouchers at targeted businesses

  • Reach decision makers directly via phone, email, and direct mail

  • Scalable and cost efficient

Breakroom Poster Program
  • Place messaging in employee breakrooms, typically visited 2 to 3 times a day. 

  • 100% permission-based distribution


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The industry leaders in at-work marketing since 2002. 

PaydayPERX connects national brands to employees in the workplace by positioning offers on Online Payroll Portals, Printed Checks, Tax Documents and Posters. 

We aim to provide an avenue for any business to provide their employee with exclusive discounts and offers from top brands, while saving money.  

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