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PaydayPERX Renews Kroger Payroll Stock Contract

Monica L. Bower - Marketing Director

APRIL 6, 2009

Today PaydayPERX has announced the successful renewal of its long-term commitment to the Kroger Co. for the uninterrupted delivery of their secure payroll stock, pre-printed with offers from the paydayperx network for Kroger employees...

April 6, 2009 — PaydayPERX, the industry leader in at-work marketing, today announced it has renewed its long-term partnership with The Kroger Co., providing deeply discounted live paper check payroll stock for an additional three-year term.

Kroger has been using PaydayPERX as the supplier for over a dozen of their payroll divisions, including the Great Lakes, Atlanta and Southwest, as well as other brands in the Kroger family of companies including Ralph’s, Dillon’s and Fred Meyer stores. All told, close to six million checks are produced by PaydayPERX for The Kroger Co. every year, in two-month increments.

Kroger receives this paper stock at a deeply discounted rate because national brands are promoting their offers to Kroger employees on the reverse side of the Check Advice – the top and bottom thirds of the pressure sealed check, with the paycheck itself in the middle portion. In return for access to the employees for promotion of their offers, the national brands pay a portion of the production cost which Kroger no longer has to pay. PaydayPERX brokers deals with similar large-scale employers across the country, offering the critical mass in marketing reach to national brands that no one company could effectively offer on its own.

“We estimate that the savings in raw paper costs to Kroger at the corporate level are in the neighborhood of $360,000 per year, and that goes right to the bottom line,” said Luis Peña, who manages check stock orders at Ralph’s. “Plus employees get to take advantage of discounts on work shoes, wireless plans, their tax prep and all kinds of other things they actually want. For us it’s a real win-win.”

Marketers who would like to reach Kroger or other employees with their offers, and employers who would like to receive offers on their printed payroll stock in return for a deep discount should contact PaydayPERX on their contact page at

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