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PaydayPERX Offers Zero-Party Data Marketing to National Advertisers

Monica L. Bower - Marketing Director

MAR. 12, 2021

PaydayPERX announced today that advertisers can use leading-edge Zero-Party data to microtareget their exact desired...

March 12, 2021 -- PaydayPERX, the industry leader in at-work marketing, announced today that advertisers can use leading-edge Zero-Party data to microtarget their exact desired audience from a pool of 4.2 million potential customers. Zero-party data is historical and real-time financial activity data being shared knowingly, transparently and ethically by banking platform users, in return for preferential financial services, discounts and special offers. The pool is on pace to expand to over 10 million participants in the months to come.

"Cookie data is a dead end due to market shifts and regulations, and third party data has never been that accurate to begin with," explained Dori Wile, Senior VP of National Sales at PaydayPERX. "First party data has value for remarketing, but it can't reach anyone who isn't already your customer. Our experience with zero-party data has proven its incredihble value for national advertisers who want specific customers with specific behaviors beyond what list brokers can provide - not just age and education level, but who they used to prepare their taxes last year, or how much they're paying for their student loans, or their likelihood of eating fast food three or more times in a week."

Results from recent campaigns using this filtering for PaydayPERX programmatic, email and in-app advertising suggest that campaigns using zero party targeting deliver significant lift over more traditional digital targeting. "A tax preparer that was not in the top 3 saw an ROI of over nine dollars in profit for every dollar they spent, by specifically targeting people who had paid a competitor for tax prep last year. They specifically attracted new customers away from the leading brand competition with a highly relevant and targeted message," Wile explained. "This would be impossible without zero party data. it reveals what people spent money on in the past, and what they're buying now, almost in real time. The insights it can provide are only limited by the imagination of campaign designers."

PaydayPERX works with industry-leading Zero Party platforms currently and plans to greatly expand the scope of these partnerships this year to bring on additional capacity for national brand advertisers seeking to reach their absolute best-match audience with programmatic, email and in-app platforms powered by zero party data.

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