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PaydayPERX offers At-Work Flu Shot Program to Employers in USA

Monica Bower

MAY 26, 2021

HR Execs can join program to receive flu shot vouchers or an onsite flu clinic

COLUMBUS, OHIO May 26, 2021 -- According to the CDC, Illness accounts for over half of all absenteeism in the USA, with lost productivity costs of $84B in 2019, before COVID-19 was a factor. Seeking to address the obvious need, PaydayPERX today announced rollout of their Flu Shot Program, with the capacity to deliver a flu shot program to any employer in the continental US. Employers will receive vouchers or if they have over 100 people onsite at any one location, an onsite flu shot clinic provided by a pharmacy retailer in their local area. PaydayPERX tested the program in 2020 with over 5,000 employers reached, resulting in an estimated 320,000 employee immunizations across the US facilitated by employers in 2020 as part of the PaydayPERX program.

In this program, HR executives elect to receive flu shot vouchers, or if they meet minimum company size requirements, can schedule a pharmacy clinician to deliver immunizations on-premise. Public or private sector companies of any size in the continental US can elect to receive PDF vouchers to distribute to their organization, to be used to receive a flu immunization at a participating local pharmacy at no cost to the employee.

“Businesses across the United States have the opportunity to supply flu shots to their people without any of the hassle,” says Dori Wile, Senior Vice President at PaydayPERX. “Normally, they either spend a lot of effort connecting with a pharmacy retailer and working out a program,or they bunker down and hope for the best next flu season. PaydayPERX bridges the gap between the pharmacy and the businesses within a few miles, which is good for the businesses and the retailer. We take care of all the heavy lifting, so that HR directors can just check the box and move on.”

Companies interested in participating in the PaydayPERX flu shot program can find out more at

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