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PaydayPERX Launches Platform for Online Payroll Offers

Monica L. Bower - Marketing Director

JULY 2, 2007

PaydayPERX today announced the general release of platform to display national brand offers directly on employer payroll landing pages, inside the login...

July 7, 2007 — PaydayPERX, the industry leader in at-work marketing, today announced it has launched a digital platform that brings its paper payroll offers for employees onto their online payroll.

As online payroll has grown in popularity, demand for paper checks is predicted to decline, and employers have been eager to add a digital version of PaydayPERX employee offers and promotions to support initiatives to migrate more employees off of paper and onto digital platforms.

Unlike the print check program with discounted forms costs as the incentive, online payroll has no recurring production cost for employers. Instead of a discount, employers receive a small compensation each time the portal is viewed, which accumulates and is paid by PaydayPERX to the employer each quarter. Since the portal is embedded on the main payroll landing page after login, this means that employers generate a revenue stream from the normal traffic to their payroll portal that they already receive. Participation in the print payroll program is not a requirement for digital, as both can stand alone.

Allison Felix, Vice President of Client Services at Staffmark and a long-time PaydayPERX customer, said: “PaydayPERX is evolving their product because of large employers like us who have many reasons to reduce the amount of paper paychecks we produce. I’m excited that the employee offers program will continue in the digital space and I appreciate how simple and secure their online payroll solution is. We also obviously enjoy receiving quarterly payments from PaydayPERX for the number of employees who log in to our payroll site and see their banner.”

The PaydayPERX online banner preserves the 4-offer format of the paper check offers, in a single banner rather than quarter-page layout, and also adds an optional link to a employee discount site managed by PaydayPERX with hundreds of additional offers from the PaydayPERX network, customized for the employer. PaydayPERX remains invisible in the presentment of offers, so that employers receive the credit from their employees.

Employers who would like to receive offers on their online payroll portals should contact PaydayPERX on their contact page at

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