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PaydayPERX Launches FormsPERX, a Free Forms E-Commerce Site

Monica L. Bower - Marketing Director

OCT. 10, 2018

PaydayPERX today announced the launch of FormsPERX, an e-commerce site built on the Abante platform, for reserving W-2 pressure-sealed forms and W-2 envelopes for only the cost of shipping...

October 10, 2018 — PaydayPERX, the industry leader in at-work marketing, today announced the launch of their e-commerce site under the brand name FormsPERX, at or The site allows employers to reserve boxes of tax form envelopes or pressure sealed forms at no cost, and pay only the shipping charge via an online shopping cart.

“Small and medium-sized businesses may only need a few boxes of forms and are used to ordering supplies through online checkout,” said PaydayPERX CEO Dana Bromberg. “This interface allows payroll and HR teams responsible for sourcing forms to get the product free of charge with special offers pre-printed from major tax preparers and other national scale merchants, and to take care of the shipping cost in one simple transaction.”

PaydayPERX distributes over twenty million forms and envelopes each year, reaching a statistically significant proportion of all US tax filers with discount offers from H&R Block, Tax Slayer, TaxAct and other providers with national reach printed on the tax form envelope or on the outer envelope portion of pressure-sealed self-mailer forms. The program has been at the core of the PaydayPERX business model since 2003, with increases in volume every year since its inception, often due to delivery improvements and new avenues for reaching more employers.

“Free tax forms and envelopes are sometimes greeted with skepticism, but we work directly with the top tax forms printers in the country as well as dozens of the most widely used forms brokers. Previously we were only able to put together deals with the largest employers at scale, but the self-service, e-commerce model lets smaller and midrange businesses come to us and take advantage of the same program, receiving forms for free that carry the national brand offer. The national brands are paying the printing charges in order to reach new customers in the workplace, and the employer only has to cover the shipping cost.”

Employers and payroll professionals interested in more details about participating in PaydayPERX tax form and envelope programs should contact PaydayPERX on their contact page at

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