PaydayPERX and Mapsys Jointly Complete Major Salesforce Customization Project

Monica L. Bower - Marketing Director

APRIL 15, 2016

PaydayPERX in partnership with Mapsys announced jointly today that a six-month project to deeply integrate a multi-layer production schedule and strong linkage between Salesforce and Quickbooks online has been completed...

April 15, 2016 — PaydayPERX, the industry leader in at-work marketing, in partnership with Mapsys Systems & Solutions, announced jointly today that their six-month project to deeply integrate a multi-layer production schedule and strong linkage between Salesforce and Quickbooks online has been completed.

“The primary purpose of this integration is to allow both operations and sales to share data seamlessly, as part of their day to day activity in Quickbooks and Salesforce,” said Dana Bromberg, President and CEO of PaydayPERX. “Rather than needing to double-enter the same data to process orders and revshare payments, now the information can be created in Salesforce using the custom integrations and objects, and Quickbooks receives the information seamlessly and with no human intervention.”

“Another major need we filled for PaydayPERX was a multi-dimensional production schedule inside of Salesforce,” said Chris Heiberger, Account Manager at Mapsys. “Where even matrix reports would fall short, this gives all stakeholders an immediate viewable picture of what is running where, when, tied back to the opportunities and orders. This reduces what was once an hours-long logistics chore down to an automated, at-a-glance, real-time view.”

The integration further increases the reach and capacity of PaydayPERX, which puts automation to work in support of their focused but highly distributed workforce that manages a national-scale marketing agency out of offices in Gahanna and Cincinnati, OH; St. Petersburg, FL; and Boston, MA. PaydayPERX specializes in at-work marketing programs that deliver great discounts to employees from national brands, such as tax prep discounts preprinted on W-2 envelopes, discount sites linked on employer online payroll sites, and breakroom posters for local restaurants and fitness clubs.

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