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PaydayPERX Offers Zero-Party Data Marketing to National Advertisers


MAR. 12, 2021

PaydayPERX announced today that advertisers can use leading-edge Zero-Party data to microtareget their exact desired...

PaydayPERX to Exhibit at National Restaurant Association Annual Conference


MAY 1, 2019

PaydayPERX today announced that it would participate as an exhibitor at the 2019 National Restaurant Association Conference for the first time...

PaydayPERX Launches FormsPERX, a Free Forms E-Commerce Site


OCT. 10, 2018

PaydayPERX today announced the launch of FormsPERX, an e-commerce site built on the Abante platform, for reserving W-2 pressure-sealed forms and W-2 envelopes for only the cost of shipping...

PaydayPERX and Mapsys Jointly Complete Major Salesforce Customization Project


APRIL 15, 2016

PaydayPERX in partnership with Mapsys announced jointly today that a six-month project to deeply integrate a multi-layer production schedule and strong linkage between Salesforce and Quickbooks online has been completed...

Year-end Print Volume Up 30% for PaydayPERX


OCT. 15,2010

PaydayPERX today projected that their print volume for Tax Season 2010 W-2 forms and envelopes will exceed 7.8 million, compared to 5.2 million in 2009, based on advance orders...

PaydayPERX Renews Kroger Payroll Stock Contract


APRIL 6, 2009

Today PaydayPERX has announced the successful renewal of its long-term commitment to the Kroger Co. for the uninterrupted delivery of their secure payroll stock, pre-printed with offers from the paydayperx network for Kroger employees...

PaydayPERX Launches Platform for Online Payroll Offers


JULY 2, 2007

PaydayPERX today announced the general release of platform to display national brand offers directly on employer payroll landing pages, inside the login...

PaydayPERX Adds H&R Block as New Client


SEP. 27, 2005

PaydayPERX today announced it has added H&R Block (NYSE: HRB) as a client. H&R Block special offers, discounting the regular price for preparation of a 2005 personal tax return, will appear on over 4 million W-2’s...Block as New Client

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PaydayPERX connects national brands to employees in the workplace by positioning offers on Online Payroll Portals, Printed Checks, Tax Documents and Posters. 

We aim to provide an avenue for any business to provide their employee with exclusive discounts and offers from top brands, while saving money.  

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