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liberty tax franchise owners:
local digital campaigns
supported by national ad creative!

Add local targeting to boost appointments for your locations this tax season!

Since 2004, PaydayPERX has been dedicated to crafting creative strategies that shape and ignite brand acceleration. We're here to help your franchise reach more local business, every step of the way.

Liberty Tax Corporate is advertising at scale online, on TV and elsewhere this year - and PaydayPERX digital boosts the impact in your local area, driving more appointments and walk ins to your locations.


We use contextual, display and opted-in email within our nationwide network to reach employees around your franchise. these campaigns match your chosen zip codes, income levels and the other demographics that matter to you locally.


Liberty Tax national ads will appear when the people in your local zip codes interact with payroll or financial services or seek out tax prep content. These drive business directly to your franchise appointment page link on the national site, boosting your signups and increasing foot traffic to your locations!


programmatic targeting

Offers are filtered by AI to reach your ideal consumer audience at work based on geography and behaviors.


display and contextual search ads

Ads linked to your appointment page appear to employees working in businesses right around your locations.


opted-in email

Targeted emails reach our 100% opted-in email audience inside your relevant geography.


PaydayPERX can boost your results in any zip code in the USA. Here are some of the diverse cities and towns where we boosted results in 2021. Click to visit that place!

Nutley NJ
Starke, FL
Rutherford NJ
Lyndhurst NJ
Green Bay WI
Fairbanks AK
Gainesville FL
Charlotte NC
East Rutherford NJ
Bronx NY
Bloomfield NJ
Bartow FL
Wylie TX
Wallington NJ
Stockbridge GA
Amarillo TX
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Reserve your Campaign today!

Campaigns can begin as early as mid December to start driving signups for future appointments - or maximize your effectiveness with a campaign in January, February or March to drive foot traffic as well as appointments.

Costs will vary based on your specific custom mix of media and the density of your target market, but these are local reach campaigns priced for local franchises. Any franchise with a marketing budget can add this to the mix. 


It's easy to get started!


It's easy to get started with this digital boost for your local franchise. You can choose the method most convenient for you:

We'll connect with you on options, costs and details for your unique market. 

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