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The industry leaders in at-work marketing since 2002. 

PaydayPERX connects national brands to employees in the workplace by directly delivering offers on

  • Online Payroll Portals

  • Printed Checks

  • Tax Documents

  • Direct to the Workplace - Print, Digital and Posters 

We empower any business to provide their employees with exclusive discounts and offers from top brands, while saving money, and offer a channel for national brands to reach consumers at work, and outside of work, based on where they work.

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The Team

Dana Bromberg


As CEO, Dana helps manage sales and many of our long-standing partnerships. He spends much of his time in the field with our customers to find out how we can better serve their needs.

A dedicated participant in Big Brothers Big Sisters, Dana has been a "big brother" for over 22 years to Tyshun, supporting him and helping him grow into a wonderful father, husband and contributor to society.


Dori Wile

Senior VP

Dori is Sr. VP, National Sales where she is responsible for maximizing the sales team potential and selling all products and services of PaydayPERX.

Dori loves musical theatre. She was a Longhorn Singer in college and currently serves on the board of the Woodlawn Theatre in San Antonio.


Bob Wolfe

VP of Account Management

Bob Wolfe is a sales professional with over 32 years of consultative, solutions-based marketing and sales experience. He's demonstrated success driving multi-million dollar sales growth.

Bob sings and plays guitar for his multi-album, indie classic rock band, The Man-Eating Cows, and created two solo albums during the 2020 COVID-19 Quarantine.. 


Ellen O'Malley

VP of National Sales

Ellen O’Malley has worked in advertising for over 20 years and has a passion for helping her clients reach their marketing goals. Ellen drives long-term, tightly targeted solutions based on advertisers' unique needs.

Ellen is originally from Chicago but now resides in Dallas, TX. She doesn't miss the Chicago winters, but she does miss their sports teams!


Lynn Ecimovich

Director of Operations

Director of Operations, or getting things done and where they need to be on time.
Experienced in both advertising and manufacturing worlds optimizing processes to ensure effective outcomes.

Lynn believes in "Da Bears," even thought it's not easy. 


Grace Satow

VP  of Business Development

As VP of Business Development, Grace works directly with our National Partners to forge fruitful relationships to benefit millions of employees across the US.

Grace is from the "So-Hud" area of Columbus, Ohio which Yelp and deemed "the hippest zip code in the country" making her a true "hipster," 


Jen Diersen

Director of Finance

As Director of Finance at PaydayPERX, Jen utilizes her wide variety of skills and experiences to plan, implement and manage all financial activities at PaydayPERX.

Jen actually loves reconciling accounts while listening to heavy metal. 


Monica Bower

VP  of Marketing & Technology

Monica is the head of Marketing and Technology at PaydayPERX, with significant involvement in both the daily brand interactions of the business as well as consistently driving more marketing-aware product development.

Monica is PaydayPERX resident artists, the office is filled with her quirky acrylic and oil canvases. 


Luke Miller

Marketing Coordinator

Luke interfaces with our CPA and CPM partners in developing next-level user experiences. He coordinates our WorkPERX products and helps develop press releases.

Luke loves playing any sport and doing voice impressions. 


Nina Gurevitz

Marketing Coordinator

With a background in design, Nina creates our branding, develops advertising creative and maintains our social media presence. Nina also creates branded videos to equip our selling team.

Nina is a world traveler and has visited 10 different countries. 




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